Cash Volt: Bonus-filled evaluate

Red Tiger’s Cash Volt is a slot that transports players to a further innocent time in gaming history. Rewind to a period when games could only accomplish a single, fundamental task. For many participants, that claim alone could make or break the agreement. There isn’t halfway between Cash Volt’s uncompromising approach to basic gaming. Either you adore the look, or you don’t. However, as usual, we’ll reserve judgement until after the game has been thoroughly tested on Fun88 casino.

Cash Volt free demo

Provider: Red Tiger
Slot Name Cash Volt
No of Reels: 5
No of Paylines: 20
Min. Bet: 0.1 coins
Max. Bet: 100 coins
Max. Payout: x2500
RTP: 95.71%
Auto Spins: Yes

TTheme & Design Cash Volt slot

With its retro aesthetic and traditional slot icons like Lucky Sevens, Bars & Cherries, Cash Volt is sure to please. The neon lights and dark blue background of the game add to its thrilling atmosphere. A yellow lightning bolt that contrasts with the other symbols on the drums is the Cash Volt icons. All in all, Cash Volt’s theme and layout provide players with a delightful and sentimental slot experience using the

Animation, music, and visuals

The game’s graphics are really amazing. Artists’ efforts have made simple backgrounds and icons appear remarkably realistic.

Similarly, the animation does not blow viewers’ minds, but it does demonstrate the developers’ high level of skill.

A bizarre soundtrack reminiscent of the disco era of the 1970s sounds like the information age. Even though the drum spin and win scoring is straightforward, it still blends in nicely with the overall feel of the game. This also holds true for spark discharges, which have a distinctive crackling sound.

Payouts and Images for Cash Voltage

With functions for each player to set their own minimum stake of 0.20 to maximum betting of 40.00 per spin, this slot machine makes stake setting simple. Red Tiger sets a maximum multiplier win of 2,500 times your stake. Although you can usually see a full screen full of Cash Volts, it can be difficult to land. Some of the highest-paying symbols to land are as follows, and the maximum five of a kind paytable wins can be thrilling.

Cash Volt online slot

Game Features

There are Scatter icons on the slot, but no Wild or conventional bonuses.

The winnings from the wager per spin increase by a fixed quantity of times when six or more Scatter icons land on the reel. A multiplier of x5 is awarded for six Scatter icons, x15 for seven Scatter, and x2500 for 15 Scatter at once. The more Scatter icons a player gets, the more money they can win.

Scatter payouts are the only thing in the game that somewhat resembles a bonus because there are no freespins.

Cash Volt slot - Tactics of Overmog

We advise doing the following to improve your possibilities of success:

  1. Ascertain which chains and icons are the most valuable.
  2. Establish a budget and adhere to it when spending money.
  3. Carefully consider your bet size. Make sure the size of your wager is within your means.
  4. Increase your chances of winning by playing on every payline.
  5. Use the bonuses offered by casinos: Promotions and bonuses may be advantageous.
  6. Recognise when to give up: When you hit a predetermined limit, don’t continue after losses.
  7. Slot should be played for enjoyment; they are not a means of generating income.


A welcome and refreshing change to an overly complicated slot market that has grown more challenging in recent years is Red Tiger Gaming’s minimalist approach to the Cash Volt online slot. Even though many players will be disappointed by the absence of Wild and Scatter icons, the 2,500-times-stakes maximum prize is still an incentive to gamble.

We strongly suggest playing this slot game if you’re a player who values ease of use above all else. It’s also simple to do so because the Cash Volt slot demo is offered at app casinos Fun88 without cost.


Players can play this slot and win prizes up to 2,500 times their initial wagers.
No, there isn’t a bonus of free spins on this game. With no additional characteristics, this is an easy game that depends on the special Cash Volt icons to produce large wins.
The Cash Volt signal can be seen as a super symbol or a stack. To get a prize with an instant multiplication of winnings, collect six or more of these icons.
Yes, it is thanks to the demo version that every user can instantly familiarize themselves with the Cash Volt review.